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Education. Inclusion. Opportunity. Connection.
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Expert-led educational curriculum coupled with customer introductions.

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Education, coaching, mentoring, and connections to launch your idea.

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Active management and planning for the launch and growth of your startup.

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startup scholars

Educating and inspiring our next generation of entrepreneurs and community leaders.


We help where others do not.
We started because we were tired of seeing good people and ideas slip through the cracks.

SQUARE1 is a nonprofit entrepreneur education and business startup support organization providing resources to a broad range of individuals interested in turning ideas and research into scalable businesses. Our mission is to uncover, educate, support, and inspire divergent entrepreneurs. Our programs break through barriers. The VELOCITY program focused on continuing the momentum formed by minority businesses by introducing them to new sales opportunities and connections to help them grow that Network. With IGNITION we help those that don't quite fit the mold for an accelerator or a venture back of a company, but have the potential to be a significant job and wealth creation. With SQUARE1ON1 we join the team becoming a key contributor to the key operations of a startup. Through our Startup Scholars program, we help students look at life from an entrepreneurial perspective and hopefully form a business. We teach them opportunity recognition presentation skills business planning; along the way building their confidence and show them a path in their career that they could take whether it's soon or later. We believe everybody deserves an opportunity no matter what doors have already been opened for them or what groups they run with no matter ethnicity, gender, age, or religion. That's our passion and the drive behind SQUARE1.


Shaping entrepreneurs.

Keith Schneider

The everyday guy.
Keith runs the day-2-day operations. He has overseen entrepreneur programs and startups for over a dozen years.

dan groneck

The legend.
Dan is on every worthwhile nonprofit board in the region so we are honored to have him.

Steve Wright

The Finance Guy.
Steve has over 18 years of experience in providing financial services to clients.

feoshia davis

Image creator.
If we are going to talk about it…we run it by Feo first.

Amy pelicano

Develop mint.
Helping us figure out how to keep enough in the bank to do the great work we do.

vincent williams

Poster child.
Vincent was a grad of our first VELOCITY program and stands as an example of success for all future clients.