SQUARE1 High School Entrepreneur Scholars
June 15, 2017 9am -3pm @ VonLehman CPA

*** FREE ***

Idea to Pitch.  Food. Prizes. Fun!

What you will learn:
➢ Opportunity recognition through ideation sessions.
➢ Presentation skills as each student presents to school and community leaders at the
end of each semester.
➢ Communication skills are developed when preparing and delivering surveys to
determine market needs.
➢ Time management to work to meet milestones.
➢ Teamwork is essential as they build the product, presentations, and plans.
➢ Confidence as they move toward launching their idea.
➢ Advancement as a result of seeing that they can create their own path versus being
captured by the circumstances of their upbringing.
Other benefits:
➢ Meet business and community
➢ Wide-ranging business education.
➢ Resume builder.
➢ Potentially launch a startup!


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(Limit 34 participants)

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