Square1 adds new board member, Vincent Williams of Orchestrate Technologies

(CINCINNATI, OH) – In just over 3 years Orchestrate Technologies has soared to over a $1 million in sales in no small part due to the leadership of Vincent Williams. Along with his partner, Jonathan Bristow, the company has grown to impact not only their bottom line, but their employees and the community.

Vincent’s leadership style is evident in any interaction you have with him. It is obvious he has a service mentality and a vivacious hunger to learn. It was this hunger for learning that led him to enroll in the first Sudduth Society course offered by the African American Chamber.

Vincent was recruited by Keith Schneider, President of SQUARE1, as SQUARE1 manages the programs as a partner of the AAC. “I saw an email from Keith describing the program and thought it would be a tremendous experience,” states Williams. “For those with business experience it acts as a true refresher guiding you to reflect on the current state of your business and plan for the future. For those running businesses with no formal business training, it is like a condensed MBA.”

Vincent Williams

Vincent has recently joined SQUARE1’s board to help them continue their work to educate and empower minority owned, underserved businesses. “We like to say we operate in the gaps,” explains Keith Schneider of SQUARE1. “Lots of programs like fast-growth tech companies while others promote brick and mortar. Our companies, like Orchestrate, are primarily business-to-business and benefit from our connections to the regional procurement teams for large and medium sized companies.”

As is evident at Orchestrate, community mindfulness is not just a donation or a volunteer opportunity, but a core value. Orchestrate Technologies is part of a growing community of more than 2,000 Certified B Corps from 42 countries in over 120 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business.    B Corps are a new type of company that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Vincent received a  Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Kentucky majoring in Political Science, was raised in Lexington, KY and has worked in many industries beginning at the age of 15. “I am passionate about building a team of dynamic people that seek every day to provide services and truly help clients make their business successful and prosperous.”

He was featured as one of five 2014 Young Professional All Star’s in Cincy Magazine as well as part of the 2016 Lead Magazine Great Leaders Under 40. Giving back to the community has been a big part of his success. He has participated in “Paint the Town” for multiple years and sits on the board of the YMCA R.C. Durr as well as the Board of Directors for Panorama Apartments in Covington, KY, and now is a key contributor to the SQUARE1 board.

Vincent’s role with SQUARE1 will include the continued refinement of programs like the AAC’s Sudduth Society and developing programs to continue to support companies like his, even after the program ends. “I would love to see the graduates of all SQUARE1’s programs gather at least monthly to explore partnerships, be introduced to more procurement opportunities, and at the least, support each other as I know firsthand that running a business is all about your support network.”

Seeking Applicants for Next Sudduth Society Class

SQUARE1 is accepting applications for the Sudduth Society as well as other programs planned for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

All people seeking to launch or grow their business are welcome to apply. For more information and to apply please visit http://startatsquare1.com, email keith@startatsquare1.com or call 859-750-2013.

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