SQUARE1 adds two key board members to further its mission of reaching underserved entrepreneurs

(Cincinnati, OH) — SQUARE1 Inc. (startatsquare1.org), a nonprofit that assists underserved entrepreneurs in evaluating launching and growing their startups, has added two new board members: Feoshia Davis, Director of Project Relevance at local inbound marketing startup Relequint; and Kyle Fath, an Intellectual Property Attorney at Frost Brown Todd.

SQUARE1 focuses on educating and coaching individuals or small groups with solid business ideas, but who may not take on investors. Square1 businesses include: Medlyst (www.medlyst.com), a patient satisfaction platform for medical offices, and GetSuitable (getsuitable.co), a tool for job seekers to clean up their social media history.

“Other local startup accelerators like Cintrifuse, The Brandery, UpTech, OCEAN, and others are doing great things to support venture capital-backed, tech startups,” explains Dov Rosenberg, SQUARE1 board member and a Director at Allos Ventures.

“The challenge is that 90 percent of startups will never be backed by venture capital.” In response to this, SQUARE1 offers workshops not only to help more local companies get into accelerators, but to find and assist those that do not match an accelerator profile.

Davis’ strategic marketing experience is an asset to the organization. “Feoshia’s background in PR, marketing, social media and branding will prove invaluable to our efforts to inform the community of our offerings,” said Keith Schneider, SQUARE1 President.

“I’m honored to share what I’ve learned about using creativity and communication to help grow those businesses that don’t always grab headlines. These small, independent businesses are what the American Dream is about,” Davis said.

Kyle Faith’s addition is also timely. Kyle’s law practice focuses on providing intellectual property counsel to companies of all sizes and acting as general counsel to startups and small companies.

He helped develop and sits on the steering committee of FBT Spark, a new Frost Brown Todd initiative aimed at providing low cost legal services to startup companies and entrepreneurs.

“I am excited at the opportunity to get involved in, and lend my expertise to, an organization that fills a much needed gap in the regional startup and small business ecosystem,” Faith said.

SQUARE1, Inc. is an entrepreneurial education and business accelerator services nonprofit providing resources to a broad range of individuals interested in turning ideas and research into business startups. The mission is to work collaboratively to grow the ecosystem that supports their efforts. This revolves around educational opportunities and the optimization of resources to better support individuals seeking to improve their personal situations or contribute to the growth of our community through new business creation.

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